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25 April 2023

Vice-Rector for Research and Scientific Work of the Diplomatic Academy of the MFA of Russia O.Karpovich presented a report "Main Vectors of Russia’s Foreign Policy in the Context of the Ukrainian Crisis" at the international scientific and practical conference "International Relations in the Context of New Challenges and Threats", organized by the Department of European cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, MSLU, MGIMO, IMEMO, ISKRAN.

In his report O.Karpovich noted that the world system is undergoing a deep systemic crisis. The world order based on the political, economic, ideological hegemony of the West turned out to be unviable and eventually led to a serious crisis of the Western liberal model that ended the monetary, financial, technological and cultural dominance of the United States. The center of world economic activity has shifted to the Asia-Pacific region, the rise of the Global East and South has accelerated, China is becoming the leader of the world economy. All this is happening amid the growing contradictions and tensions between states. Russia will continue leading in the movement towards polycentricity based on equality and taking into account the interests of all participants in international communication.