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The Diplomatic academy is a departmental structure of its founder - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

The Academy provides the kind of education needed for leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Its three schools (faculties) – International Relations, World Economics and International Law - offer a breadth of highly regarded degree programs that allow students the freedom to explore their intellectual and personal passions.

The sustainable education at the Academy covers a range of undergraduate and post-graduate programs. You can progress your education from Bachelor to Masters, PhD and a fulfilling career in your subject of choice through post-graduate programs.

Bachelor degree programs (full time and part-time) aimed at acquiring 1st university degree (for high school graduates) or 2nd university degree
Master degree programs (full time and part-time)
PhD candidate programs
Doctoral programs

Post-graduate programs are realized at our Continuing Development Department. The programs are tailored mostly for Russian and foreign diplomats wishing to up-grade or advance in their skills.

Admission and Pre-University Tutorial Center is concentrated on prospective students programs.

Foreign Languages Center of the Academy is very popular due to a wide variety of languages taught there by high quality professionals.


Bachelor degree programs in Social Sciences with concentration on:

  • “International Relations”
  • “Economics”
  • “Law”

Master degree programs in Economics with concentration on:

  • “International Business”
  • “International Economics”

Master degree programs in Management with concentration on:

  • “State Governance in international affairs”

Master degree programs in “International Relations” with concentration on:

  • “World politics and global development”
  • “International humanitarian cooperation”
  • “International Security”
  • “International Regional studies”
  • “Practical and analytical enforcement of the Russian Foreign Policy”
  • “Post- Soviet Space within the scope of international relations”

Master degree programs in Law with concentration on:

  • “International public law”
  • “Law regulation of international economic relations”

Post-graduate educational program for the staff of the highest qualification (PhD candidates and Doctoral tutoring) with concentration on:

  • “Political sciences and regional studies”
  • “Economics”
  • “History sciences and archeology”
  • “Law”

Selection committee и preparatory courses:

8 (499) 246-70-72
8 (499) 246-53-05
8 (499) 940-09-84
8 (499) 940-13-60

119021, Moscow, Ostozhenka 53/2, stroenie 1

Graduate school:

8 (495) 608-12-30
8 (499) 940-10-05 / ext.: 2

Moscow, Ostozhenka 53/2, stroenie 1

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