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Along with the educational process the research is the main focus of the activity of the Diplomatic Academy (DA) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. It is carried out by the DA faculty members as well as the researchers of the Institute of Contemporary International Studies (ICIS) of the DA. Postgraduate students of the DA, representatives of the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the MFA of Russia, foreign professors and scholars are also engaged in the research activity. Vice-Rector of Research Dr.Oleg Ivanov organizes and supervises this work.

The research focuses on: scientific and political support of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation for promotion of its interests and positions on the world arena; development of scientific-methodological and information base for its foreign policy decision-making; enhancement of its role in various regions of the world; coordination of the potential of research and educational institutions of the MFA of Russia and the RAS to facilitate the decision-making on acute issues of the Russia’s foreign policy; strengthening personnel potential of the MFA of Russia and its missions abroad on the basis of high quality levels of education and qualification in diplomatic training.

Simultaneously the research focuses on the development of fundamental science and its results are used in the scientific works published by the DA. Annually up to 30-40 works, such as monographs, textbooks, collective scholarly works, conferences proceedings are published. All publications are sent to the libraries of research and educational institutions including the Central Scientific Library of the MFA of Russia. They are widely used in the educational process and research work at the leading Russian universities, institutes of the RAS and abroad. Information on the DA publications can be viewed at the DA web-site at this page

The DA on a regular basis publishes two academic periodical journals «Vestnik Diplomaticheskoi Akademii MID Rossii. Rossiya i mir», which features articles, viewpoints, interviews, archival materials, social overview on virtually all aspects of international relations, foreign policy, diplomacy and national security of Russia, and «International Law Courier» magazine, which goal is to enhance the knowledge of international law and attract its readers’ attention to such issues as human rights as well as to such principles as inadmissibility of threat to use military force, non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, respect for national sovereignty and equality of states. Among the authors of the journals are academic scholars, state officials, prominent diplomats of Russia and foreign countries. Both journals are included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Numerous conferences, roundtables and workshops are held at the Academy, dedicated either to the most acute international problems or important events of the present and the past. Many top Russian politicians, officials and public figures, as well as foreign diplomats and guests participate in these events. Annually over 40 scholarly fora are held at the Academy. The conference proceedings are also published by the Academy.

The Academy has a wide range of partners abroad in practically all parts of the globe. Over a hundred of cooperation agreements with core foreign universities, higher diplomatic schools and academies, research institutions and centers encompass exchange of students and visiting professors, joint events and exchange of publications. Foreign statesmen, political figures, (presidents, prime-ministers, foreign ministers), members of the Diplomatic Corps in Moscow are frequent guests at the Diplomatic Academy.

The Institute of Contemporary International Studies is a leading research center of Russia in the realm of foreign policy, international relations. The ICIS is headed by Director Evgeny Bazhanov, Honoured Scholar of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Historical Science, professor. The ICIS established in 2004 on the basis of the Scientific Research Division is acting as a think tank providing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and other governmental bodies with highly appreciated analytical and reference materials. Experts of the ICIS are engaged in the drafting of some major document directing the Russia’s foreign policy on a regular basis. Among them there is the Concept of Foreign Policy of the RF, the Concept of National Security of the RF, the doctrines of sustainable development, contemporary international law, programs of modernization of Russia’s economy and other official documents.

The objectives of the ICIS are as follows:

  • conducting strategic and policy studies on contemporary issues concerning global politics, economy and security as well as Russia’s foreign policy;
  • rendering scientific support for the Russia’s foreign policy, development and implementation of the strategy for Russia’s interaction with foreign states;
  • publishing textbooks and materials for the teaching process of the DA;
  • promoting international cooperation in the field of research and education.

The ICIS carries out its activities in the following forms:

  • preparation of studies, reference materials, practical recommendations and prognostic estimates for the MFA of Russia and other state institutions and organizations of the RF;
  • organization of conferences, symposia, seminars (domestic, international and academic) with participation of representative of the MFA of Russia, the RAS, prominent Russian and foreign politicians and officials;
  • publication of collective works, conference proceedings, monographs and journals;
  • participation in the international projects and activities;
  • promotion the ideas and projects of the Institute;
  • cooperation with domestic and foreign research centers and organizations.

The ICIS prepares policy briefs for the MFA of Russia and other state institutions of the RF on a wide range of international issues such as foreign policy and diplomacy of the RF at the present stage, the relations of Russia with the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the European Union and member countries of the EU, as well as the situation in the Middle East, the consequences of the «Arab revolutions», Ukrainian crisis, etc. Attention is also paid to the issues of strengthening international and European security, arms control, non-proliferation of WMD and disarmament, combating terrorism, various aspects of the process of globalization, settlement of local conflicts, disease control, drugs trafficking and other types of crime, stability of world economic system. It also conducts research on such issues as forecasting and modeling international relations under conditions of globalization; building a multi-polar, stable and just world order; the use of external factors for Russia's modernization, as well as on area studies (Russia, C.I.S., Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific) and issues of intercultural and inter-civilization dialogue.

The ICIS includes the following research centers:

  • Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies and International Security

    The center focuses on the major member states of the European Union such as Germany, France, UK and Central and Eastern European countries. Issues cover foreign policy of European countries, the future of European integration, U.S.-European transatlantic relations, problems of European security, EU’s and NATO’s common security and defense policy, bilateral relations of Russia with European States, the EU and Russia.

  • Center for Eurasian Studies named after Honorary Doctor of the Diplomatic Academy Natalia Bazhanova

    The center conducts studies on the Middle East, North Africa and the Asia-Pacific region’s issues, the SCO, the BRICS countries. Among the main areas of the research there is analysis and monitoring of socio-political and economic processes and interstate relations in the regard of the objectives of Russia’s foreign policy; new trends in world politics and their influence on regional processes, the increasing role of regional actors in global development, the formation of new «centers of power», dynamics of integration processes, eastern policy of world powers.

  • Center for Global Issues and International Organizations Studies

    Research focus areas include the transition and evolution of the international system, new features of the world politics, the role the UN and other international organizations in maintaining global stability and security, political and military aspects of the activities of states on the international arena, arms control, global governance and non-traditional security issues.

  • Center for International Law Studies

    The center concentrates on the following areas: study of the theory of international law, diplomatic and consular law, the international legal aspects of European integration, international cooperation in the fight against terrorism, constitutional law, public diplomacy, parliamentary rights and parliamentarianism.

  • Centre for World Economy Studies

    The research areas include monitoring and forecasting future trends in the world economy and international trade, the analysis of the dynamics of the situation on the world markets of raw materials and industrial goods and its impact on the economic security of the country.

  • Center for World Cultures Studies

    The center carries out research on the following areas: analysis of historical aspects of development of world culture, the priorities of cultural policy of Russia and foreign countries, the historical processes of intercultural and inter-civilizational dialogue, peculiarities of national cultures and traditions of Russia and foreign countries, the development of intercultural and inter-confessional dialogue within international organizations (UN, UNESCO, the World Council of Churches), the religious factor’s influence on the world politics, the study of peculiarities in the development of intercultural dialogue.

  • Institute of Contemporary International Studies (ICIS)


Bazhanov Evgeny Petrovich,

Honoured Scholar of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Historical Science, professor

Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies and International Security

Head, Tatyana Zvereva, Doctor of Political Science

Center for Eurasian Studies named after Honorary Doctor of the Diplomatic Academy Natalia Bazhanova

Head, Oleg Peresypkin, Doctor of Historical Science, professor, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Honored Worker of the Diplomatic Service of Russia.

Center for Global Issues and International Organizations Studies

Head, Vladimir Orlov, PhD (Political science)

Center for International Law Studies

Head, Alexei Lyubimov, Doctor of Law, professor

Center for World Economy Studies

Head, Peter Yakhmenev, PhD (Economy)

Center for World Cultures Studies

Head, Natalia Maslakova-Klauberg, PhD (Political science), associate professor


4, Bolshoi Kozlovsky, Moscow, Russia, 107078


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