The foreign language learning centre

The Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has been operating a Foreign Language Learning Center (FLLC) for many years, which develops a wide range of programs both for students of the Academy and for employees of government organizations and departments, as well as private companies and clients.

We have been teaching foreign languages to future diplomats for decades.
Our professors have a unique experience in educating specialists in international relations, economics and law. The classes will also suit everyone who wants to improve language proficiency level, to use foreign language in daily communication and to feel confident while staying abroad.

The FLLC offers training in both – off-line and online formats, which makes it available for people all over Russia and even abroad. We developed annual General Communication courses in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Arabic and other ( more than 15) languages in order to help our students to increase the level of communication proficiency.

In our Center, you can master the author's business programs and specialized training courses with modules covering Business English, Legal Translation, Economic and Political specific, Business Spanish, German for financiers and economists, etc.

We also offer intensive courses for those who want to develop an extensive vocabulary in a short period of time, learn to speak fluently and quickly comprehend oral and written speech (available during the summer months - June/ July/ August).

We offer training in groups up to 10 people ( onlie up to 6 pax), mini-groups (2-3 pax) and of course, individual lessons are also available.

We are always ready to adapt our programs to your business and specific private clients’ needs.

An important place in the work of the Foreign Language Learning Center takes Russian as a Foreign Language program. If you are interested in studying Russian, we invite you to courses that are held in offline or online format as well The classes are taught
by the Department of Russian and other Slavic languages of the Diplomatic Academy
of the Foreign Ministry. All our lecturers speak English and have extensive experience
in qualifying students for certification exams to determine the level of Russian language proficiency (Russian as a foreign language test).

Embassy employees of Angola, Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,
the Philippines, Switzerland, Japan, as well as the citizens of Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Italy, China and other countries have already successfully studied
with us and improved their skills in Russian language.

The Diplomatic Academy is a strategic partner in the education field:

  • For more than 80 years, the Diplomatic Academy has traditionally enjoyed a well-deserved prestige in Russia and abroad
  • Professors with extensive experience in teaching foreign languages to future diplomats
  • Professional development of employees, achieved through a comprehensive study of all aspects of the language
  • We form groups from basic to advanced levels
  • Development of programs adapted to the needs of the customer
  • Different forms of learning – offline or online
  • We are located in the center of Moscow, just within 1 minute from the «Park Kultury» metro station
  • Classes are held in the Academy's own building in spacious classrooms that allow you to maintain the necessary social distance
  • We issue certificates after successful completion of training at the Diplomatic Academy, which are valued in commercial companies and government agencies
  • It is possible to take a separate exam to obtain a certificate

We are pleased to welcome you at The Foreign Language Learning Center
of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia! If you’re interested in improving your level of foreign language proficiency (or starting from scratch), we’re sure you’ll find a program that matches your level and goals.

We will be happy to accept applications for training and answer your questions on the phone:

+7 (499) 246 04 70,

+ 7 (499) 940 09 82

and via WhatsApp: +7 (925) 802 71 01.


«Park Kultury» (radial), room 53, bld.1, 53/2, Ostozhenka str., Moscow, Russia