Post graduate education

Post graduate study on academic training is organized as a full-time course or a part-time/distance course. Along with that the Academy enrolls candidates for internship on a contractual basis to write a PhD thesis or a doctorate thesis without mastering a postgraduate program.

Postgraduate students are trained un the following scientific areas:

• Historical sciences and archeology (46.06.01)

major "History of international relations and foreign policy" (07.00.15);

• Economy (38.06.01)

major "World Economy" (08.00.14);

• Law (40.06.01)

major “International law. European Law” (12.00.10);

• Political Science and Regional Studies (41.06.01)

major "Political institutions, processes and technologies" (23.00.02);

major "Political aspects of international relations, global and regional development" (23.00.04).


• full-time postgraduate study: 3 years

• part-time/distance postgraduate study: 4 years